Wine of the month – September

‘Cadus Signature Series, Criolla, Mendoza, Argentina’

I’m always there,

Silently floating.

In the night sky,

I shine bright.

Some say I’m wise,

Blemished by the years.

I never tire though,

I am your light in the darkness after all.



Total eclipse.

I’ll always be there…

This month, Summer fades into Autumn. The weather is already beginning to take a turn and soon the nights will start drawing in. For me, darker evenings only mean one thing. An evening relaxing on the sofa, my favourite series on the TV and a glass of something a little special to hand.

The wine I have chosen to focus upon this month really is something special, it is also a wine currently showcasing on our ‘Drinks Package’ at The Angel at Hetton, accompanying our main event:

Cadus Signature Series, Criolla, Mendoza, Argentina

Criolla is a grape variety that hardly anyone has heard of but the fact is, this grape has been in Argentina for a very long time. Originally, it was used as Holy Communion wine in the country as it was considered to be the purest. 

The Cadus Signature Series comes from 70 year old vines and is an absolute revelation, just like our main course on our tasting menu at The Angel. The winemaker, Santiago Mayorga, has experimented with this grape variety for the first-time, using fruit from a 70-year-old Uco valley vineyard which sits 1000 metres above sea level. Here the soil is sandy and littered with pebbles to a depth around 60cm. This coupled with poor fertility and little organic matter, it makes for the perfect site for Criolla to flourish. This particular wine contains Criolla Grande with around 10% Criolla Chica due to the mix of the vineyard.

The finished wine is a refreshing change to the stereotypical full bodied Argentinian reds. The wine exhibits a crunchy acidity, slightly drying on the palate with an abundance of red fruit. Think somewhere between Gamay and Cinsault perhaps. It is the sheer freshness of this red wine which goes hand in hand with our main event at The Angel.

A wine of so much history is deserving of centre stage, just like our moon in the the night sky.