Wine of the month – November

Flames and Fireworks

“Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot…”

The Plot:

To Kill the King by blowing up the palace of Westminster during the state opening of parliament on November 5th 1605. Guy Fawkes the ‘trigger man’ drafted in to set the fuse. He was caught red handed by the kings’ men beneath the palace and apprehended, giving up his co-conspirators. A crime which sent him to the gallows, a gruesome demise…

Today marks a day which will never be forgotten, a day we commemorate with flames and fireworks. Tonight, many will venture out. We huddle together around a blazing bonfire, the crackle of wood as it burns, smoke and embers lead our eyes up to the skies, the loud bangs may be scary, but what follows mesmerising… Fireworks!

Perhaps, your like me though, it’s too cold to be heading out. I’d sooner listen to the bangs and the whistles from the comfort of my sofa. Throw one too many logs on the fire, put my feet up and relax, with a glass of wine of course.

So enough of my waffling, it’s time to talk about, what I should be taking about… Wine.

For this months wine blog I find a wine which, for me, offers aromas of dried fruit, cinnamon and above all, wood. No need to stand beside a bonfire here.

This ‘Rare Red’ blend, Domaine Paterianakis is now show casing on our drinks package here at The Angel at Hetton. Now a third generation family company and the first in the island of Crete who introduced the organic grape cultivation. On the winery they cultivate six unique indigenous and five first class international varieties of grapes, using the latest organic techniques to produce their quality wines. This particular wine is a blend of Mandilari and Kotsifali grapes, very native, very indigenous, considered a ‘rare red’ blend. This is a wine filled with rounded tannins, deep ruby red in colour. The wood from the nose translates through to the flavour, lingering on the palate for a long after taste.

So, whether your heading out tonight, experiencing the flames and fireworks first hand or, like me, cosying up by the fire at home. Let’s make this a day to “Remember, remember…”

Cheers to that.

Kaye Turton, Assistant Restaurant Manager