Wine of the month – May

‘Gin’ of the Month

Who needs sunshine to enjoy a G+T?

Mr Blue Sky stands behind, silenced by her beauty. She blazes. You cannot help but be mesmerised by her. She holds out her arms, drawing me into a warm hug. I close my eyes and hear her soft whisper… ‘Everything’s going to be okay’.

I open my eyes. Looking on, I see Mr Blue Sky begin to darken. Raising his arms, he sends a grey mist hurtling towards us. I feel her arms loosen around me as she begins to pull away. She is no longer blazing; her eyes now brimming with tears. I watch as she retires into the mist. It doesn’t take long to consume her.

Now only grey remains.

I feel her warmth no more, only her tears against my skin…

I guess it’s time to turn the heating up. The weather really has been a rollercoaster, taking us on an up and down ride. Only days ago, we had blazing hot sunshine, perfect gin and tonic weather. Looking out the window now however, the grey sky really is beginning to reflect my current mood. It’s days like this which make our present situation even harder. We must remember though, we’re all in the same boat and together we stand strong. Anyway, who said you can’t enjoy a gin and tonic on a dreary day?

Gin started as a medieval medicinal, cure-all (perhaps President Trump should have remembered this and used ‘gin’ in his speech, rather than ‘disinfectant’). It was in the 13th century that juniper-based wines and spirits were used by physicians. It wasn’t, actually, until the 14th century that people started to realise that there are other ‘benefits’ to drinking liquor and thank goodness they did. Sometimes, it’s a fuzzy brain and a happy heart that’s just what the doctor ordered.

During this lockdown I’ve really begun to appreciate the beauty which lies just beyond my front door. And when I’m not relaxing with a gin and tonic, my daily exercise takes me places, I never thought to explore. I feel blessed to live in an area which is so full of splendour… The area, you ask… North Yorkshire.

The Hooting Owl Distillery, based in the Village of Barnby Moor, like me, has great admiration for the place they call home. Their love for Yorkshire couldn’t be more crystal clear as they’ve not only made one, but four gins inspired by the county. East, West, South and North Yorkshire Gins. Each of these use botanicals from their corresponding areas, expressing the characteristics of these incredibly beautiful places. Being based in North Yorkshire it would be rude for The Angel at Hetton not to have The Hooting Owl’s ‘North Yorkshire’ Gin on offer. This gin is inspired by the North Yorkshire moors and it is here where the distillers harvest heather and bilberries, including both in the botanical selection alongside 16 other ingredients.

As I look out my window once more, I’m certainly put off exploring the North Yorkshire Moors today. Mr Blue Sky has certainly darkened. Perhaps, I will take the day off from my explorations on the moor, and instead have a cheeky North Yorkshire Gin, letting the flavours of its botanicals take me on a journey from the comfort of my own home.

After all, who needs sunshine to enjoy a G+T?

Kaye Turton, Assistant Restaurant Manager