Wine of the month – December

‘Krug, Champagne’


There’s a chill in the air

The rain begins to freeze

Threatening to become snow

A Winter Wonderland will it be?


We wake to a blanket of white

A canvas waiting for colour

Wrapping up warm, we head out to explore

Our footprints leave the first mark


Joy fills the air

A merriment of laughter

Snowballs thrown and Snowmen made

The canvas begins to tell our Winter tale


We pray it stays cold and the rain stays frozen

The warm will only erase

Our blanket of white will be no more

Fading, only to unveil a Spring of colour


We enter the Winter season and Christmas will soon be here. News of relaxations over the festive week have been announced but still, it’s not going to be the Christmas we were hoping for.

2020 really has been the year we all want to forget and what a year it’s been. Maybe then, we should use the month of December to celebrate, let’s say farewell to 2020 and raise our glasses to the new year.

Unarguably the most prestigious of all the great Champagne houses, Krug produces some of the most sought-after wines in the world. It’s a house which is still, very much a family affair, with several family members remaining on the board today.

Six generations on and the house is continuing Joseph Krug’s (the founder’s) legacy with Olivier Krug representing the family name since 2009. In order, to preserve their passion and unique style, the house has chosen to limit their production, their focus guaranteeing the quality of their wines.

We are lucky enough, here at The Angel at Hetton, to have two fantastic bottles of Krug on our list:

Krug Grand Cuvée 165eme Edition, Reims, France

The 165ème Edition marks the 165th release of Grande Cuvée since the foundation of the Maison Krug in 1843. With the launch of numbered releases starting with Edition 163, Edition 165 becomes the third numbered release.

This bottle has spent at least 7 years in Krug’s cellars to develop its expression and elegance, receiving its cork in Autumn 2016. Every year since the foundation of the House of Krug creates a new Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée to offer the fullest expression of Champagne.

The 165ème Édition is a blend of 127 wines from 12 different years. The youngest dates back to 2009 and the oldest to 1990. It has a deep golden colour and said to have discreet notes of vanilla, crème pâtissière, spiced lemon and brioche.

Krug “Clos de Mesnil” Brut Blanc de Blancs 1982

We feel honoured to have this prestigious Champagne on our list here at The Angel. This 1982 release is taken from our very own chef’s, Michael Wignall’s, private cellar, therefore there is only one bottle available.

There’s only one question in this case, will it be you who snaps it up from our list?

Clos du Mesnil is the Krug family’s historic vineyard, nestled in the heart of the village of Mesnil-sur-Oger and full wall-enclosed since 1698. The house does not release a vintage from Clos du Mesnil every year, for this to happen, conditions must be perfect. The plot offers a single parcel of Chardonnay grapes which are solely used to create this beautiful Champagne, the grapes only picked when demonstrating the full potential of this exceptional plot.

The champagne is a beautiful pale yellow colour and said to offer aromas which differ in complex notes of spices, hazelnut, butter, and candied fruit. This 1982 Krug is something truly memorable however it won’t leave you with a bitter aftertaste like the year 2020 has done.

“Farewell, 2020… It has not been a pleasure!”