Wine of the Month – April

Stay Strong. Stay Home

“Dust off the bike, oil the chains and ride off into the countryside. It’s time for your daily exercise.”

Who could of imagined the situation we find ourselves in during the month of April. Working from home, unable to see our family and friends, social distancing, shopping for just the essentials.

 It’s a time of uncertainty, that’s for sure, but together we will get through it, stay strong and most importantly…  Stay home.

The boredom is starting to set in now, I can feel myself turning a little crazy. My legs and bum beginning to show the results of my baking antics. Luckily, we are still allowed to perform our daily exercise, but what to do? A brisk jog round the block, a walk out into the fields above the village or maybe it’s time, time to see ‘her’, after all, its been such a long time since I have.

She stands alone in the shed. The cobwebs and dust show my neglect to her. Her voice isn’t singing like it used to, it rings out with such a dull tone. A hat hangs from her hand, she seems to be gesturing me to take it from her. I submit and, with a large intake of breath, blow the dust from its surface. It fits perfectly on my head. Taking both her hands I pull her towards me, leading her slowly out of the shed, she seems to shriek with joy as she enters the sunlight. I tell her I’ll clean her up, oil her joints and make her feel new again. I also tell her that I’m sorry, sorry for favouring the four wheels to her two. She’s my bike, Victoria (after Victoria Pendleton of course) and she will help me through this boredom.

But hang on a minute, I’m not here to talk to you about my exercise routine. I’m here to talk to you about wine and what a wine I’ve found for you this edition, a wine which links with the world of cycling.

I introduce to you: Tom and the Peloton.

Tom and the Peloton, Ventoux Rouge is a Syrah/Grenache blend made by Domaine des Anges in the heart of Ventoux. This is a small batch release as a mark of respect for Tommy Simpson, one of Britain’s greatest ever professional cyclists. Tommy’s achievements include World Champion 1965, winner of the Tour of Flanders 1961 and wearer of the yellow jersey in the 1962 Tour de France. Sadly, in the thirteenth stage of the Tour of 1967, Tommy collapsed and died during an ascent of Mont Ventoux. He was only 29. A memorial on the roadside close to where he died has since become a place of pilgrimage, for both cyclists and fans of the sport alike. His character, charm, determination and will to win will forever ensure that Tom, le plus fort will be held in high esteem by all. A touching thought is that from every bottle of Tom and the Peloton sold a percentage goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of this memorial.

The wine is a classic, wonderfully versatile Ventoux rouge which shows a perfumed bouquet of white pepper, kirsch, raspberries and pine. Typical notes of Provençal herbs which balance the deliciously fleshy, pure fruit flavours. An easy drinking red that’s for sure. A wine waiting to be enjoyed by you at The Angel at Hetton when this is all over.

30th of April was due to be the launch of the 2020 Tour de Yorkshire, which like many other sporting events, has now been postponed. Let us then take to the roads together on our own cycling adventures, like me… Dust off your bike. Afterall, “it’s time for your daily exercise.”

Best wishes and stay safe, Kaye