Cove. Unique, Contemporary Dining

Opening in 2020, The Angel’s original wine cave will form the nucleus of Cove.
The expansive steel and glass structure is designed to shed brilliance on a unique dining experience. A modern, luxurious haven – the space audaciously connecting the old with the new.

Paying careful attention to historic details whilst introducing a contemporary architectural aesthetic, Cove will embrace the rugged drama of the Yorkshire Dales with originality and style. It will allow diners to feel part of the dramatic landscape, whilst enjoying a spectacular gastronomic experience.

Cove hopes to deliver a less formal approach to fine cuisine. Renowned chef patron Michael Wignall and his team will present an extraordinary marriage of new and different styles. Describing his food as ‘modern, technical and meaningful’, each meticulously sourced element will bring flavour, texture and colour – enticing diners to experience new combinations and ingredients.

A shorter, casual tasting menu at lunch will flow through to more in-depth dining in the evening. Whether you choose the Angel or Cove, both will reveal outstanding food,
created using the finest ingredients. And both will offer the warmest of welcomes.