Beer of the Month – July

Beer of the Month


July 2nd 2020

Yorkshire slang be like…
Ow do, my love?
You bin down in’t dumps?
Ahm nobbut middlin,
Covid be like a threp in’t sterns.
Be reight, com 4th e’ll quit me mitherin.
Eeh by gum! The pubs be open ey!
I’m chuffed t’bits wi’ that.
Ey be ‘appy as a pig in muck,
When I ‘av me pint in’t hand,
Thee beta buy me a Landlord, Ducky.
Sling ye hook ye Wazzock!
Blooming cheeky sod!

Surely, I’m not the only one that has missed a crisp pint down at the local. In a few days’ pubs will be open and my thirst will soon be quenched. I guess it’s only right then, that we use this month’s blog to highlight a beer!

Nestled in the heartland of the historic Peloponnesian Peninsula of Greece is the home of the Zeos Brewery. The brewery is located just outside of Argos, famous for being one of the oldest city-states of ancient Greece. Surrounded by beautiful orange groves and olive plantations, as well as the ancient fortresses: Larissa of Argos and Palamidi of Nafplio. The brewery is in an inspiring setting.

The beauty of the Brewery’s location is certainly reflected by what is produced there. Founded in 1998, Zeos is a thriving Greek brewery, producing pure premium quality beer, available for local consumption and, thankfully for us, worldwide export.

From the land of Gods comes the “beer of the Gods” which the Greeks have enjoyed since ancient times. By adapting old-world beer styles with modern brewing techniques, Zeos Brewery have created a number of excellent tasting beers. Beers which have been acknowledged worldwide, winning many awards for their excellence. However, Greek beer isn’t easy to come by, but here at The Angel at Hetton, we are lucky enough to have Zeos Brewery’s Blue Lager. Known as ‘blue’ due to the striking cobalt-blue glass in which the lager is bottled.

I didn’t know what to expect from the Blue Lager. It was my first taste of Greek beer after all, but boy, the first sip blew me away! It is 5% but you really wouldn’t guess it. The lager is exceptionally light and crisp in flavour. Its initial sweet taste reminded me of my childhood, when my dad would naughtily top up my lemonade with a little of his lager to give me a cheeky shandy. A slight bitterness adds to an extremely smooth finish. My first taste of Greek beer did not disappoint and will certainly not be my last!

We look forward to welcoming you back to The Angel this month, our re-opening being the 17th. Will the Blue Lager be your apéritif?