Family run, our wine list takes its lead from the influence of our father (and the Angel's) Denis Watkins. Indeed his name derives from Dionysus the Greek god of wine, and if you were lucky enough to have met him, you would now know that re-incarnation is entirely possible!


A named culprit in the organisation of the first ever World Wine Fair in 1978 (a prelude to what is now the London Wine Fair), Denis was an unashamed Francophile and so are we.


Offering token gestures to the New World, our list leans indiscriminately towards the vineyards of Burgundy – scooping up awards left right and center,


it would be criminal not to quaff your way through it.


 Hetton Pale Ale

ABV 4.2%

Available year round


A creamy and silky smooth golden pale ale. Clean malt aftertaste with a fruity hop character and mild bitterness.

Winner of the title Yorkshire’s Perfect Pint in the TV series of the same name.



Craven Bitter

ABV 3.8%

Available year round


A classic Yorkshire bitter with soft caramel notes and citrus hop fruitiness. Well-balanced bitterness.




Black Sheep

The legendary and uncompromising, Black Sheep Best Bitter.


We will always have a special place in our flock for this, our first ever brew.

We dreamt of a perfect Yorkshire bitter - light amber, grassy fresh with a hoppy bite - and Best Bitter was born .

In the brewhouse, our passion for only the finest, quality ingredients, meets the Yorkshire Square fermenting system to create the ultimate session beer

- a light, clean drinking and moreish pint with plenty of peppery hop.

Best Bitter is now one of the best-selling session beers in the country and by far the biggest selling beer we produce.

We still stick to time-honoured techniques to create our Yorkshire classic,

which is the Official Beer of Yorkshire County Cricket Club








Believing that art and food are not so dissimilar, we like to line our ancient walls with work from the very best of artists in the North of England.

All work is for sale and available to take home (brown bag provided…)





at the Angel


Born and bred in Skipton, the inspiration for Anna Tosneys work comes from the Dales and the farming life that shapes them.

She aims to recreate the moody skies, amazing landscapes, and the loveable characters of Yorkshire.

Anna distils the scenes to their simplest forms, resulting in handmade prints that are bold and contemporary.




Once upon a time a fifteenth century drovers inn, then an eighteenth century farmhouse pub,

The Angel of today is rooted firmly in its Dales history.


teased with rustic charm, pull up your stool and be transported back to the days of spell binding

simplicity, where firesides, candle light and chatter enchant.

The Angel Inn

Hetton, Near Skipton,

North Yorkshire, BD23 6LT


01756 730263

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